Thank You! Thank You!

So many people to thank… here goes.

In the beginning, thanks to Willie White for having a crisis meeting with me during Fringe 2008 and doing some very interesting drawings of theatre sets, (which I did not understand) and then suggesting I get involved with Project Arts Centre and do a show about something I love…i.e. charity shops.

Thank you to Niamh, Melanie, Aisling, JC and everyone else in Project for helping me at various stages of this long drawn out project.

Thanks to Roise Goan and Lian Bell from ABSOLUT Fringe for suggesting the ABSOLUT Fringe 2010 could be the right home for my shop, and for all the help since, from them and all in Fringe HQ.

Thanks to Jo Mangan and The Performance Corporation, especially Marketa Puzman and Irene O’Mara for producing Help ME! Help ME! Irene has been a brilliant Production Manager and Marketa has kept the show on the road, and kept it from the detours it kept wanting to take! It has been great to work with some real live production people and their help has made this shop trip a whole lot smoother and much more enjoyable!

Big thanks to Victor Terentiev for designing the blog and for his patience with all my non-technical technical questions. If you want him to work for you you can contact him on his blog Dublin Game.

Big thanks also to the wunderkind that is Jess Copley!  I met Jess through the Fringe’s willing worker scheme and she acted as a “middleman” for the blog and provided invaluable creative input, including designing the wicked badges!

It has been a pleasure to work with Catherine Murphy who is designing the shop layout and arranging the window display.

Enormous Thank You to Helen Robinson (my mother) for letting me store my shop goods in her house and for making the lovely Help Me! Help Me! letters for the shop window.

Danke to the fantastic Maebh Cheasty and to Dave, for allowing me stay in their subterranean apartment while I was visiting the fleas of Berlin.

Thank you most sincerely to the Arts Council and especially David Parnell and Jocelyn Clarke for commissioning my project in late 2008 and assisting me again more recently. It has made all the difference.

Thanks to Dominic Campbell for great chats and mentoring, and to Richard Gregory for encouragement at MAKE 2009.

A huge thank you to everyone who came to my Talking Shops, earlier this year. To Ali White, Cearhal O Siachain, Helen Barry, Sharon Burrell and Ann Kilmartin who came to the first one, and to all who came to the second one: Lulu Sinnott, Clare, Esme and Nisa, Delwen and Cerin Giles, Renate DeBrun, Jacinta O’Reilly, Mags Lehane, Donnchadh O’Conaill, Dominic Campbell, Sorcha Kenny, Emma Pearson, Antoinette Brennan, Karen, Bertilla Reynolds, Veronica Dyas, Megan Riordan,and Sharon Burrell.

Thank you Lara Hill for washing dishes in the shop and helping me declutter my clothes again, and to Merike SeiAnn Kilmartin, Dominic Campbell, Victor Fairbrother and Clodagh Downing for road testing the shop elements!

Thanks to Karina O’Dohery, Nicola Hayes, Merike Sei and Deirdre DeClare for helping make the tags and for ironing and ideas.

Thanks to Carole Zaza for sending me her lovely charity shop story and to everyone who emailed me back… Cathy, Monica, Sandra, Johny, Dee…

Thanks to Monica Wallace and Dana for showing me possible venues and to everyone else who has helped in a myriad of ways!

Thanks to Saskia Vermeulen for her help with design ideas. Thank you Victor Fairbrother for the great DIY. Thanks to Fiona Murdoch and Paul Meade for eating small sliced pans and sending me their bread cardboard ends.

Thanks to the great volunteers so far! This could not happen without them. Rian from Project, Igor and Emma. More thanks (and surnames) to follow….

2 Responses to “Thank You! Thank You!”

  1. janice macaulay says:

    the shop looks great. i wish i could visit! and the photos are lovely. you could make postcards of them and flog them too!

  2. Priscilla says:

    Thanks! I wish you could too and bring along baby Reuben for a meet and greet! Yes I have made some postcards but am giving them away as useful flyers… I will post you some soon!

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