Hi! My name is Priscilla Robinson. I’m a writer and performer living in Dublin. I’ve made two shows and a few “installation pieces” so far.

KuddelMuddel (2007) was an old-fashioned comedy slideshow about my life and I performed it in my flat. You can see a short video of it here. It’s about clutter, therapy and growing up a Baptist in 1970’s Ireland. The Show about The Show (2008) was the story of making KuddelMuddel and starred my mother and her gingerbread. It got compared to “a congenial non-conformist church service with an original and offbeat preacher”.

In The Robinsons’ Sunday Roadshow Café (2009) I recreated my family’s Sundays with sermons, games, home baking, arguments, and our record collection of Gospel tunes.

Help Me! Help Me! (2010) was inspired by my hoarding, and a love of old fashioned charity shops, which are often more about enjoying the chaos and chat than about shopping. In it I swopped 600+ of my belonging for the help. In 2011 I worked with Creative Connections on Home is where the Art is – a multi-cultural pop-up home. In 2012 I made a piece called My Place, Your Home (Help me make it happen!) at Pazz Festival in Germany.

CONTACT: If if you have a story about a charity shop  (thrift shop, opportunity shop), please email helpme@helpmehelpme.com

I am grateful to be part of PROJECT CATALYST, an initiative of  the Project Arts Centre in Dublin.