Here’s what I asked for help with in the shop, click on them to see the answers. More to follow…

7 Responses to “Help”

  1. Deirdre Clare says:

    Hiya Priscilla, I really enjoyed reading these and found your responses to people’s suggestions very thoughtful and honest. I thought advice in general is generally very over rated – but maybe I’m wrong! My writing is something to contend with on some of these cards! I didn’t realise it was going to come across so BOLD. Ah well, all for the best I suppose. Looks good on the how can I be less BLUNT! question. Appropriate! X

  2. Priscilla says:

    hey, that is interesting, do you mean the advice here or always – is over rated? What would you rate more highly?

    I think your writing is great! Was glad I got a few people to write, the variety is good.

    cheers, p x

  3. Driscoldy says:

    Hi p, advice here and anywhere I suppose. I go by the maxim that if someone is telling you what they think you should do, there’s a chance they’re doing what’s easier for them- solving a problem- as opposed to doing what harder – listening – and letting you figure out the problem for yourself which makes you feel better about yourself at the end of the day. I suppose I equate advice with not listening which now means I have to go off and think about it!.. Cos I suppose there has to be a place for people to share wisdom.. But maybe it’s more when you have troubles, advice isn’t so great then. X

  4. Priscilla says:

    I got this kind comment in a personal email from a friend…. the clip she mentions is a Ted talk about choice by Barry Schwartz. It’s well worth a look.

    Hey Priscilla,

    Hope you’re doing well. Just a note to say I loved, loved, loved the way you posted the advice you got on your website. I am obsessed with advice columns and love reading them and even listen to an advice podcast sometimes. There’s one I read called “Friend or Foe” and it’s like a relationship column but about platonic relationships between women. And I was really upset when the Irish Times’ Cyber Sorter column about Internet etiquette got cancelled. One thing that is always missing is the person’s reaction to the advice and I really enjoyed reading that on your website.

    I’m preparing to move house back to Dublin and was very traumatised by having to clear out a lot of stuff. My husband is definitely a hoarder and gets very attached to things. On the question about packing light, I thought you might like this video: (It’s a bit long, sorry). It makes me think of how we sometimes like to bring things “just in case” we need them, but how sometimes it’s actually better to have less choice because it makes you less anxious. I’m constantly anxious so I know exactly what the guy is talking about!

  5. Locksmith says:

    Some give advice when asked for, others even if not… the advisee always does what they want in the end – some advisees only seek confirmative advice… but some people need advice to help make up their own mind – I think it’s very rare when someone follows any advice blindly, but some people definitely need to hear impartial constructive objections to their, sometimes, conditioned mindset. Keep up the good work.

  6. Meadhbh says:

    Hi Priscilla, I just discovered this website. It’s wonderful! I’ve really enjoyed interacting with the archive of your work. I just watched the KuddelMuddel video and had a few very hearty laugh-out-loud moments – especially at the fire announcement. The performance has a gorgeous intimate atmosphere, well captured in the documentation. I love the way you create opportunity for a meaningful exchange in your work and how you’re dealing simultaneously with material objects and immaterial ones like advice. Reading these requests for help/advice and the responses is really enjoyable, and it really strikes me how by asking people for help you’re giving them a great gift. I look forward to experiencing your performances in person! See you during the week perhaps. Meadhbh 🙂

  7. Priscilla says:

    Thanks for this insightful comments! especially for what you say about asking and giving.

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